Empowering Women: The Power of Gender Diversity and XY in Business Growth

The connection between gender diversity and business success reflects that through the active participation of women in the labor market, substantial improvements are generated at both the individual and macroeconomic levels.

In the current landscape, there is a significant positive influence of women in startups. The noticeable presence of women in executive and leadership roles translates into a significant increase in the performance and profitability of companies, reaching an impressive 16%.

On the other hand, in the Mexican context, the World Bank indicates that the massive incorporation of women into the workforce could boost the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by up to 22%. This statistic reveals the latent economic potential that is unleashed by promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Although there is still a long way to go, we are facing a scenario in which women's labor force participation has experienced positive growth, marking a historic milestone with a participation rate of 46.5% at the close of 2023.

At XY, we are committed to promoting women in prominent positions, recognizing that their talent and leadership significantly contribute to the growth and innovation of our company, which reinforces our conviction that gender diversity is a valuable asset.

Looking at the percentages in Mexico, we are proud to share our vision: we believe that by empowering women, we are building a path towards a more equitable and prosperous future, while also strengthening our network.

We recognize that inclusion and respect for diversity are key to the sustainable success of our company as we celebrate these advancements and remain committed to creating a business environment that enhances female leadership.

This commitment to female empowerment is part of our corporate DNA and is reflected in every aspect of our operations; we are proud to share that Salma Lozada is the visionary behind XY Booster Internacional and Bold Moves, serving as both the founder and CEO while leading various initiatives for the fund.

Meanwhile, Carmen Pastor takes the lead in Spain, Alejandra Romero in the United States, and Érica Díaz in Mexico, who has also been promoted to Director of Operations for the Patrimonial Network due to her talent.

Additionally, Karen Flores is leading the Marketing of XY in the United States, Estefanía Cortés is head of Marketing and communications at XY Booster, Diana Samancas serves as the financial representative of the fund, Adela Lozano functions as the fund's attorney; and Silvia Tarrés coordinates the Engagement force as well as the Public Relations teams.

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