Exploring Dubai: desert, live music, culture, and more on an extraordinary trip

From discovering the Dubai desert or exploring the streets of old Dubai and its gold market to attending a legendary electronic music festival, 10 people crossed the borders of the Middle Eastern country with FestLovers, to discover a distant place through its culture, food, people, and music at the El Row festival.

Always trying to combine discovering the world with unforgettable musical experiences, FestLovers takes you to exotic and vibrant destinations while you enjoy the best international music festivals. Our adventures prioritize the unique fusion of travel possibilities and global music experiences.

Recently, 10 travelers decided to take the vacation of a lifetime on a trip to Dubai, in the Middle East. The 9-day, 10-night tourist package in Dubai was organized by FestLovers in collaboration with Oly Tours. The package included flights, accommodation, and amenities, offering families and friends a comprehensive Middle Eastern experience filled with unforgettable moments.

According to Mauricio, a customer satisfied with the experience, the trip was an incredible journey where he was able to meet people, ride camels in the Desert Safari, navigate a yacht on the Persian Gulf coast; party at the Row festival, beach and pool day, a Dubai Nightlife Tour, shopping at the Dubai Mall, and more in the capital of the Emirates.

"I loved going, the interaction with tourists, I even had the opportunity to meet two people and spend time with them; the hotel service, logistics, and additional experiences were very good."

The international tour by FestLovers allowed them to visit The Grand Mosque, the second largest mosque in the world, as well as the modern traditional market where you can appreciate the Burj Al Arab and restaurants offering a great variety of cuisine, such as Arabic, Lebanese, Greek, Persian, Italian, Asian, the British Pub, as well as different bars.

Next trips by FestLovers

Always combining the opportunity to explore the world with a musical experience, FestLovers has more trips coming up:

  • The legendary Tomorrowland festival in Belgium, passing through Ibiza on July. Visiting The Pyramids of Egypt in October.
  • Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi in December.

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