Let's talk about connectivity

If there is something that we humans love, it is to connect; with those loved ones who have been living in another country for decades and seem to live behind a screen; with old childhood friends who created a group to share anecdotes full of laughter; connecting with our jobs, partners, children, and even today we are taught the importance of connecting with ourselves, because we are born with the genuine need to connect all the time.

So why not start doing it today? Why not do it from within? That is why at XY Booster® we have chosen to open the conversation and become disruptive leaders in connectivity, and we are doing it with purpose, in the best way, in partnership with Interlinked.

The alliance that this country has been waiting for, because culturally it means a lot, is a giant step in an era where the market is changing drastically, people have 2 to 3 personal cell phones, and traditional companies continue to take advantage of their customers because "they are the only option," and that’s not right!

Today, there are more than 130 million phone lines in our country and 82% are prepaid. In other words, this percentage still dedicates itself to making top-ups at a high cost (approximately 240 pesos) to receive poor service, few GB, and even the possibility of having to make a top-up the next day. That’s for local people; because if we cross the borders, there are 46 million trips per year from Mexico, where users pay from 6000 to 7000 pesos a month to have network access in another country. The question is: What would happen if we took 2% of those customers and offered them a service tailored to their needs? How much does that represent? Well… it’s a potential market of 12.8 million dollars a year, and adding both markets (locals and travelers) it’s an opportunity of 3.2 billion pesos.

That’s what teamwork is all about! And it doesn’t stop there, because as Teltech As a Service, we are already forming specific niches, internal telephony services (XY MOBILE), for taco vendors (Taco Lover), music lovers (FestLovers), members of the LGBTTTIQ+ community (Colors), citizens of the world (TWOLANDER), and even people like you and me who need to fix the car’s suspension (Car 911) and many more.

Plans focused on obtaining new income, lots of GB, loyalty, partnership… etc.

And we are already making a difference in a world where everyone wants to give their customers data, but not improve their quality of life and that of their families, because with this we generate savings, we generate a community, and we go beyond a telephone service, because we connect people with what really matters to them, living.
We are sure that tomorrow you might forget your wallet, but with us in the market, you will never forget your cell phone again.

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