Navigating the world with borderless financial freedom

Borderless living. That’s what XPATS is all about, sharing what matters all over the globe without the traditional financial barriers that expatriates and digital nomads commonly face when they land somewhere new.

At XPATS, we understand how exciting it is to begin a new story in another country. Still, we are also aware of the challenges that starting a life may bring, which is why we designed a financial platform to provide access to borderless products and services.

A successful adaptation often involves a combination of flexibility, cultural sensitivity, and a proactive approach to building a new life in a foreign land, and we are here to help you with that.

One of our motivations is to make your travel an accessible and hassle-free experience, allowing you to explore the world without traditional restrictions or financial barriers such as arriving at a new place that asks for a credit card score.

Whether it's work or an adventure, one common goal is an effortless transition to your new beginning with the help of a cross-border embedded finance platform designed to provide access to borderless financial and non-financial products for expatriates and global remote workers.

This is why XPATS and XY Booster share the same DNA and goals: to support anyone who is trying to create an easier, hassle-free world.

Why? Because life is complicated enough, and we feel that it should be enjoyed. XY Booster aims to reach top-quality client experience and increase the quality of life through solutions for dreamers, travelers, expats, digital nomads, and everyone who has a great idea to start a new project.

Our goal is to provide the perfect environment for entrepreneurs and institutions to generate disruptive businesses to lead in the path of customer experience, with a clear diversification of financial/technological solutions towards underdeveloped segments with a commitment to healthy, self-sustainable, and high-impact growth with a transparent business growth model.

We believe in breaking down financial barriers, offering you a passport to a life less encumbered. As you step into new territories, together with XY Booster, we share a commitment to supporting dreamers and entrepreneurs. Life is complex, but it should be relished. Join us in navigating the world with borderless financial freedom, because your story deserves to be written with the ink of boundless possibilities.

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