The Lab Kitchen: high-end sustainable culinary experiences at fair prices

In Mexico, more and more people are seeking alternatives to consume higher quality, healthier, and preferably local foods and beverages. To address this need, a group of gastronomy experts, backed by the American private investment fund XY Booster, created The Lab Kitchen, a culinary laboratory that will enable more Mexicans to access exceptional, high-end, sustainable culinary products and experiences at fair prices.

A survey conducted by Pure Spectrum in early 2024 revealed that 71% of Mexicans want to adopt healthier eating habits. Statistics also show an increasing demand for organic and naturally sourced products.

The Lab Kitchen was founded with this commitment to provide culinary services and experiences, allowing more people to enjoy the culinary richness of Mexico and other countries without paying high prices and in the comfort of their homes or workplaces. Therefore, we can say they have no competition in our country.

Omar Díaz and Christian Becker, renowned chefs with over 30 years of combined experience in the culinary world, are leading this innovative initiative supported by XY Booster. One of The Lab Kitchen's initial projects is catering services for small and medium-sized businesses. They will also open gourmet stores in holiday destinations where families seek to escape big cities, supermarkets, and processed foods. Also, through technology, they will offer an exclusive home delivery service.

"We are about to open two gourmet stores in Malinalco and Valle de Bravo, where we will sell local products such as vegetables, fruits, and cheeses; national products like coffee, wine, and fish; and other international items like cheeses and hams, all of excellent quality. Additionally, it will be available for delivery," said the Chef.

In these gourmet stores, we will also launch Cookiteca, a highly successful project from Barcelona, featuring cooking workshops for children, families, and corporate groups. The idea is for them to have an unforgettable culinary experience during their vacations or days off, learning to make simple or elaborate dishes with the help of renowned chefs.

"We have an extensive network of suppliers across the country and around the world. This allows us to ensure that our products are free from harmful agrochemicals and preservatives and have clear traceability that enables us to identify the origin of the raw materials and the conditions of their production," explained Natalia Gallego Rudolf, Operations Manager.

The Lab Kitchen team is composed of experienced chefs, coffee growers, pastry chefs, cheesemakers, bakers, winemakers, sommeliers, mezcal experts, and many other culinary specialists. They also include administrators, managers, lawyers, financial experts, designers, and even architects, giving them the capability to develop gastronomic projects ranging from cafes and gourmet boutiques to vineyards.

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