Florencia Leyva

Only those who dare to experience great failures end up achieving great successes

Siluete is a financial solution for those aspiring to embark on transformative journeys, through aesthetic surgical processes, rejuvenating treatments, or dental care, fostering a path to self-enhancement, whether in outpatient or hospital-based settings.

No matter how extensive our professional journeys may be, there's a fundamental truth we must embrace: prioritizing our health. I've come to understand that without well-being, any experience in project management, team coordination, and customer service loses its foundation.

I am passionate about the fitness world and the well-being of individuals. This is why I blend more than a decade of administrative expertise gained in both the spa and telecommunications industries.

Embracing a profound love and respect for our bodies extends to nurturing not just ourselves, but also our minds and the world around us. This dedication allows us to present the most authentic and exceptional version of ourselves to the world and the projects we work on.