XY Booster is the first Startup Studio that promotes a diversification of financial and technological solutions towards underdeveloped segments with a vocation for self-sustaining, high-impact and healthy growth.

We were born with the vocation of changing the status quo of banking, we are a unicorn factory.

Differential. Factor.

This is what drives us, defines us and differentiates us.

Lifestyle Finance

We create lifestyle financial solutions to generate multiple sources of income and increase loyalty by putting the customer at the center of everything we do, so that they love the brand because they love their lifestyle.

The XY Factor

Startups led by women survive much longer and generate more than twice the revenue of those led by men. Our team is proudly made up of +50% women and +40% of our entrepreneurs are neurodivergent.

CX Booster Tech

We believe in customer experience as the key to increasing sustainable results that create loyalty, community and LTV. Technology is nothing but the tool we use to deliver extaordinary customer experience.

Global But Local

We are the bridge between Barcelona, New York and Mexico. Our teams work 18 hours around the clock, around the world. We go to market, fast.

Meaning & Money

Our startups always focus on meaning, that's what leads to money. We aim to increase quality of life, right the wrongs, and preserve the genuine in the world.

Scuderia XYB

We collaborate among different cultures, ages, expertises and markets. Our differences make us unique. Our synergy make us stronger together.


Diversification. Synergy.

We have created a strong network around the globe to continue improving customer experience, technology and life.

The CX Lab

Transforming the world through customer experience.

CX Academy

Sharing knowledge through our network of experts

Q Studio

Innovation and creativity studio

Collective Minds

Global ideation & business network

Meaning & money

In every project.