Create, Build and Grow sustainable social driven initiatives

XY Booster is an alternative asset manager. We boost LATAM markets through european technology and US funding to build social meaningful improvements.

Company Design

We have created an end-to-end design-driven methodology to bring our projects to the next stage.

Acceleration Program

Created for proactive entrepreneurs, we built an intensive 6-week incubating experience that ends-up with a fundraising-oriented pitch.


Designed in Barcelona,
built in Mexico,
scaling worldwide

Operating in a the financial, lifestyle and wellness sectors, while sharing an inclusive approach.


A community of Boosters

We are proud to be introducing an innovative and exclusive XY card, complemented by a comprehensive mobile application. This application serves as a centralized platform where customers can access our entire suite of XY-branded services and our loyalty program:

  • Credit Card
  • Innovation summits
  • Private Networking and Gastro Events
  • Miles Program
  • Mobile data services
  • Live pitches events
  • Rewards to equity
  • Loyalty benefits for all initiatives being developed

We are developing a premium experience

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Top-tier work colleagues

We do not just fund and forget about it. We build hand-to-hand with the entrepreneur to guide and support him throughout all business areas to achieve the best result.

Brand Design by CANTERA STUDIO

Partnering with an international branding agency to craft the project identity and image, while providing guidance and advisory to better communicate what the brand represents.

Product Design by Q STUDIO

Bringing ideas to life with the support of a team of designers, engineers, and builders at your service to create the remarkable products of tomorrow.


20+ internal team that ensures community engagement, omnichannel consistency and marketing strategy guidance.

Digital & Tech

From setting up hosting and mailing campaigns to developing cutting edge user-friendly technology, such as mobile apps or marketplaces.

G2M & Sales

Partnering with experienced entrepreneurs and specialists to provide counseling and networking opportunities to correctly define go-to-maket, sales and customer support strategy.

Growth and Operations

Partnering with a well-connected network of professionals that help in the growth phase of the project, ensuring scalability and operational efficiency.

Finance and Legal

We provide internal financial advice as well as legal services, such as legally setting up the company in the country of choice.


We Win The Right Way, together.

People and meaning centricity

Working towards a Human-Centered Culture instead of pursuing product centricity as traditional companies.

Meaning drives money

Convinced that people follow what they believe, we are working on: Changing what is wrong in our society, enhancing people's quality of life, and preserving the meaningful things.

Work with the passionate

Leveraging the unique perspectives of neurodiverse talent and boosting the company with women in leadership roles.


350+ people working to make ideas a reality

A diverse and inclusive workspace that supports entrepreneurs throughout their journey to becoming successful.


You want to create something meaningful.
You want to be a booster.
You are only one step away.