Annalí Ruíz García

Standing tall isn’t a matter of size but of attitude

That’s what Home Abroad is about. Letting go of the fear of starting afresh in uncharted territories, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. It’s about embracing the boundless possibilities of personal evolution and optimal development as the center stage. Our goal is to be empathic with those who need a smooth landing in a new place and try to find ways to discover what it takes to find a sense of belonging that makes everybody feel at home.

I could say that I’ve been a CEO, editor, sales coordinator, management, and marketing mentor, but I am way more than that. I’m a passionate woman with an endless inspiration to keep growing and finding ways to help others with positive and innovative solutions.

I believe that we have the power to outstand every challenge life throws at us and transform it into a beneficial impact. By embracing fresh opportunities, we unlock doors to transformative experiences and discoveries that redefine the art of living.