Ideas become valuable when they are no longer ideas

We aim to create a nurturing environment for people with learning differences (such as dyslexia, ASD, and ADHD) to thrive. We do that by creating awareness and giving support and counseling to parents with children and adults with some kind of neurodiversity. Likewise, we are also developing an AI diagnosis screening that will change the landscape of learning differences in diagnosis. Everything is evolving, but education is staying the same. It is not tailored to each student's needs when it should be.

I am always on the go. Between cities, ideas, projects, and even countries. I am enthusiastic about developing, analyzing, data, drawing, and thinking about tech and product strategies.

But what happens when you implement Project Management tools to work in a team more efficiently and work hand-by-hand while tech staff meets passion? You get strategic, impactful results.

I have helped to develop the Startup Studio methodology and guided the project's product owners to grow as fast and efficiently as possible.