Cristobal Olmedo

We must live to discover, play, surprise, and — why not — create

I've ventured into creating startups, testing novel business models, and guiding them from ideation to market realization. In the startup realm, I co-founded an indie game studio in Chile and Spain, expressing my dedication to creative projects.

Beyond my creative pursuits, I'm also an enthusiast of the sciences. This passion led me to co-found a startup in physics optics, aiming to impact the communications industry through photonic innovation, always keeping in mind our goal to make technology more humane.

I bring a diverse skill set that enables me to navigate challenges across corporates, consulting, and startups by emphasizing a practical approach to drive innovation and achieve design excellence in both creative and scientific domains.

At The Q Studio, our project's impact is rooted in the profound belief that design can be a powerful agent for positive change. Our mission goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to create meaningful solutions that enrich lives, foster inclusivity, and promote sustainability. We are dedicated to designing experiences that are not only visually and functionally superior but also socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

By leveraging the power of design thinking, we address complex challenges, bringing about meaningful changes in behavior, accessibility, and usability. Our work transcends traditional boundaries, making technology more approachable and inclusive, and turning design into a tool for social and environmental betterment. This fusion of empathy, creativity, and innovation is what makes our projects truly transformative, changing the way people interact with the world around them.