Salma Lozada

In every corner of the world, there is a Mexican, and in every Mexican, a passion for their cuisine and their people. Viva Mexico, tacolover!

I am characterized by passion, leadership, and specialized expertise in financial law, and a master's in administrative and fiscal law from the distinguished Faculty of Law at the National Bar Association. I know how to be a team player, but I’ve led multifaceted projects in English as a head of the legal area and with a vision in the global market in Barcelona, the United States, and Latin America. Innovation is achieved when you stop using everything you know to only embrace this new creation. That's precisely what we aim to accomplish – to transform the financial industry.

Tacolover is all about food. To be the allied platform in the growth and promotion of taco stands and street food businesses in Mexico, providing financial support through a platform that seeks the growth of thousands of Mexicans striving to supply for their families and dreams. Unfortunately, traditional banking has decided not to make an effort to change its processes to achieve financial inclusion for those who earn their income in this manner, and we want to change that.